Jenny Justice, DRT artistic director

It has warmed my heart these chilly winter days to receive so many emails asking when DRT will begin registration for our Summer Theatre Camps 2018. It also reminded me that it is time to spread the word about what's happening to a broader community of possibility.

For seven amazing years DRT's popular summer camps were hosted in the beautiful, huge Fellowship Hall at Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church in Durham. It was a tremendous expression of TAPC's commitment to a generously inclusive mission. TAPC'S generosity allowed DRT to grow from two small camps in our first summer to nine solid weeks of camps in 2017 that brimmed-over with an excited and diverse community. TAPC's generosity also aided DRT's financial accessibility vision, so that in 2016-2017 we achieved our goal of supporting 50% of our families with program scholarships.

This past summer we learned that TAPC needs to fulfill their mission in new ways now - specifically, they have offered their Fellowship Hall to another Durham religious organization in need of significant housing. We wish TAPC every success, and will be forever grateful for the people they allowed us to serve over the years.

DRT's Board of Directors remains committed to serving our diverse community with summer theatre camps in the future. With strong outreach support from TAPC's minister, we have been searching for a new summer home - and we will continue searching with the intention of offering the camps this summer 2018. But we have not met with success so far. If you have a contact for our search, please call (919) 286-5717 or email

At this time of year, we understand that many families must make decisions regarding their summer plans and enroll in other popular camps before they fill-up. We hope you will continue to visit our Summer Theatre Camp webpage: And we hope to have fun creating great theatre with you in the future.

Warmly, Jenny Justice, DRT Artistic Director