The theme this spring is growth, and we're seeing it everywhere at DRT. 

  • Summer camp registration is in busy bloom, with several camps about to fill. Teen interns are signing up as assistant camp teachers and we're almost ready to announce our assistant camp manager for 2016. To help you keep up, we've listed the number of open spots remaining in each camp and we'll keep it up to date; you can find everything you need to know at
  • DRT 8-week acting classes have expanded so that each sessions includes 50 or more students in acting and musical theatre classes. And students this spring are making break-throughs in vibrancy, imagination, communications, empathy, stage craft and depth of experience - Every week brings beautiful new blossoms from our dedicated students.
  • Hamlet Project Durham will end our first year with 13 students committed to the 5-year artistic, career training, cultural transformation project. We'd like that number to reach 20 by next December, so we're well on the way to reaching our first HPD participation goal. AND WOW these actors are getting it already - they are making Shakespeare their own and bringing it alive today! Find out all about it at 
  • Because we lost our lead actor mid-way through rehearsals, we've delayed production of the hysterical, award-winning adult comedy, Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" until November 2016. And the outcome of that challenge is an exciting new seed that is putting out shoots and starting to take root at DRT. We're calling it the "DRT Players," an adult acting troupe doing plays for our adult audiences. Right now we're putting in structures and processes - we'll keep you posted on ways to get involved.

Here's wishing your spring is also blossoming -

Warmly, Jenny Justice, DRT Artistic Director