theatre classes 2017 - 2018 ARE open for registration

Read DRT'S Educational Philosophy at the bottom of this page
“Every time our daughter takes one of your acting classes, her reading scores leap up.”   DRT Family since 2013

Cost for each 8-week session: $145

10% discount for 2nd+ child in family enrolled in same class

Hamlet Project Durham classes are $25/8-weeks with a three-year commitment

CLASS LOCATION: CityWell Church, 2317 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC (Corner of Huron & Chapel Hill)

SCHOLARSHIPS always available. Click Here for a: Scholarship Application form. 

  • Acting & Singing students perform a showcase play at the end of each 8-week class session.
  • DRT acting classes are designed to increase acting, language, physical, problem-solving and communication skills by playing acting games and rehearsing & performing original plays

how to register  

  • With a CARD: Press the BUTTON below the class session(s) you want to join
  • With a  CHECK: Send Check & registration form to Durham Regional Theatre (DRT), PO Box 61894, Durham, NC 27715. 
  • Download, fill out and return a 2017-2018  Class Registration Form.

DRT REFUND POLICY: DRT does not refund camp or class registration fees except in the case of medical emergencies. YOU MAY: 1) Make a tax deductible contribution to our vital SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM or 2) apply your registration fee to a future DRT class or summer theatre camp.

drt theatre classes


TUESDAYS - 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Creative acting 1 (Ages 9-13)

Students play acting games, invent play plots & characters based on the class theme, rehearse the characters they have created and perform the play written just for them. 

September 12 - Oct 31: "THe haunted forest"

JANUAry 9 - feb. 27: "Sail away"

March 13 - May 8: (No class 4/3) Build your wings, acting games*acting games*acting Games

Tuesdays, Spring 2018

WEDNESDAYS - 4:30 - 6:00 pm

NEW CLASS! Acting for teens (Ages 13-18)

 We are constantly asked to add a class for Teen Actors so we are taking the opportunity to try it out - We will shape the curriculum around the actors' needs for improvisation, scene study, character work, voice training or even to rehearse  audition monologues. Jump in - help invent a new class and have a great time doing what you love.

September 13 - Nov. 1: "What do you want?"

January 10 - Feb. 28: Audition scenes - The how, the what, the when & the where

March 14 - May 9: Sttttrrreeeeetttttccccchhhhh!

Acting for Teens: Spring 2018

THURSDAYS - 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Hamlet Project Durham (2015-2020)

HPD Fall 2017 classes: September 14 - November 2, 2017

In 2017-2018 HPD is welcoming male actors aged 12-15 to join us. You and your family must be willing and able to make a 3-year commitment to HPD and perform with us in May 2020.

Hamlet Project Durham is a five-year educational/social justice project culminating in a high quality, multi-racial performance of William Shakespeare’s masterwork, Hamlet in May 2020.  READ ALL ABOUT HPD at

HPD 8-week sessions begin on September 14, 2017, January 11 & March 15, 2018 (no class 4/5)

Fall, Winter, Spring Sessions

FRIDAYS - 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

creative acting 2 (Ages 9-13)

(Students should have previous acting training/experience)

DRT Artistic Director Jenny Justice is writing several thrilling play-series for youth that are performed in Friday class showcases & summer camps. Intermediate & advanced acting students help create series’ characters and plots so we all grow together.

September 15 - Nov. 3, 2017: "Terry the time traveler" A NEW SERies of plays for youth by jenny justicE

january 12 - March 2: Adventures of the Blue Moon Shape Shifters #3

March 16 - may 11: (no class 4/6) Building your wings -acting games*acting Games*Acting Games

Fridays, Spring 2018

SATURDAYS - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Story-theatre (5-9 year-olds)

with Master Storyteller (Boston Globe,) Jennifer Justice

Story Theatre  for imagination, language development, group cooperation, self-esteem, play invention and problem solving - and FUN! FUN! FUN! Students help develop characters and plot, then learn and act out a play written specifically for them!

September 16 - Nov. 4, 2017: BATs, Owls and crows

january 13 - march 3: Giants, heros & Fairies

march 17 - may 12: (no class 4/7) Growing things

Saturdays Spring 2018

See you at acting classes!

Jenny Justice, Artistic Director

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DRT EDucational philosophy

Durham Regional Theatre has a student centered educational philosophy that utilizes the ability of theatre arts to engage each child’s power to learn, with a special focus on literacy.

“Every time our daughter takes one of your acting classes, her reading scores leap up.” DRT Family since 2013

Each DRT theatre class provides learning opportunities across a range of knowledge – including art, music, math, history, science, geography, empathy, problem solving, group collaboration, as well as oral and written word literacy …

Two cornerstones of literacy are ownership of language and the motivation to use language. Even so-called ‘non-reading’ students take scripts eagerly from my hands and start to read without being asked, picking out key words and noting new vocabulary - deciding which character they want to play, whose words and feelings they will make their own and bring to life.      Jennifer Justice, DRT artistic director                                                                     

One mother asked her ‘non-reading’ daughter why the girl studied her scripts so diligently, underlining and looking up words she didn’t know, trying out the sound of lines she liked. The 5th grader answered with the strongest motivator of all (after our innate desire to learn.) She said, “This is fun.”
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Class Location at CityWell Church, 2317 Chapel Rd., Durham, NC

Wormy with DRT faculty, Jeffrey Sullivan

Wormy with DRT faculty, Jeffrey Sullivan